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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Coffee Assets?

We are a Paid-To-Click or Pay-To-Click, a Type of company based on internet advertising. We act as an intermediary between an advertiser (who wants visitors and pays a sum for impressions of his ads), and some visitors, who register on the site, visit the advertising and earn some of the money paid by the advertiser. There’s no need for paying to start making money with us, register and start earning by clicking.

What is the minimum amount for payout?

Cashouts have a minimum of $2 for everybody. When you finally reach the two dollars amount you could easily withdraw without a maximum limit and, of course, the minimum payout will not increase with every withdraw.

How often can I click ads?

You should and could click once every 24 hours.

How many direct referrals can I have?

In CoffeeAssets you have no limits with Direct Referrals, so be our guess and take as many as you want.

Is there Point system enable?

Yes, you will earn Coffee Bean (points) for every follow action you make on our system:

Coffee Beans (Points) per direct referral: 100

Coffee Beans (Points) per ptc click: 1

Coffee Beans (Points) per forum post: 2

Coffee Beans (Points) per dollar deposited: 20

Coffee Beans (Points) per revenue share: 5

Coffee Beans (Points) per coffeegrid: 1

Will you allow upgrade using points?

Points per dollar for upgrade value: 10000

Allow convert points to purchase balance?

Points per dollar for conversion to purchase balance: 10000

How I get the money from the referrals?

To get the money from every referral you have to give at leat 4 click every day, this will ensure that you get your referral’s amount.

What are the payment methods?

We would be starting be using Paypal, Payza, Payeer, PerfectMoney and BitCoin, as the days pass by we would analize to add other payments methods.

Are purchases instant?

Our services will be purchases on the instant. The revenue shares, rental referrals, banners, advertise, upgrades for account, everything.