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25% Deposit Bonus!!!
Published on 21-05-2017

Hello, dear Coffee Lovers!

25% Deposit Bonus !!! In all your deposits:

$2 to $10: 15% Deposit Bonus
$11 tp $25: 17% Deposit Bonus
$26 to $50: 20% Deposit Bonus
$51 to $100: 22% Deposit Bonus
$101 to $1000: 25% Deposit Bonus

Uou will be having your bonus within next 24 hours.

Start Today 10/09/2017
Ends 10/10/2017

That will be all for this post, have a nice day and a delicious cup of coffee.

2st CoffeeAssets 30 days: $500
Published on 06-05-2017

Hello, dear Coffee Lovers!!!

Congratulations to the winners of the second contest:

Position Prize Allocate to Winner
1 $100 Purchase balance farico
2 $90 Purchase balance yangkwon
3 $80 Purchase balance Mallesru
4 $60 Purchase balance pavorski
5 $50 Purchase balance Rudeskie07
6 $40 Purchase balance mf3brothers
7 $30 Purchase balance gerbinso
8 $25 Purchase balance Janza26
9 $15 Purchase balance JFMR
10 $10 Purchase balance sssunnn777

150%, 210%, 270%, 300% PROFIT ON COFFEESHARES
Published on 29-04-2017

Hello, dear Coffee Lovers!

I'm here today for make an quick explanation of the CoffeeShares earning amount because we have received lots of tickets about it and people thinking that they are having issues with their shares.

Well, it's simple, if you want to adquire a CoffeeShare you just have to click on "Earn Money", select "CoffeeShares" and it will get you to the Revenue Shares at CoffeeAssets. There you have the option to get as many shares as you want for 30 days (also you get thoes benefits you can see there ). 

Or course, the amount you earn depends on your membership:

-No coffeine gets 5% DAILY for a total of 150% for every dollar you invest.
-Cappuccino Assets gets 7% DAILY for a total of 150% for every dollar you invest.
-Mokaccino Assets gets 9% DAILY for a total of 210% for every dollar you invest.
-Latte Assets gets 10% DAILY for a total of 270% for every dollar you invest.
-Expresso Assets gets 20% DAILY for a total of 300% for every dollar you invest.

That said lets explain with a example: lets say you have Cappuccino Assets Membership, if you invest 1 USD you will get every day 0.05 USD for 30 days, so for the end of this period you will be having 1.50 USD earned, that for this case and the percentage will be adapting for every membership.

Of course, remember you have a maximum of invest for every membership that exist. Please check: Memberships

That will be all for this post, have a nice day and a delicious cup of coffee.

50% Discount In All Memberships!!!
Published on 27-04-2017

Hello, dear Coffee Lovers!!!

Here we are again with a new promotion.

In celebration for reach a 8000 member we give you 50% discount in all memberships.

Price 50% Discount:

Cappuccino Assets: $5.00
Mokaccino Assets: $15.00
Latte Assets: $25.00
Expresso Assets: $120.00

The promotion begin 25 April server time.

Will end soon.

Thanks! A lot!

We keeping work for made of this site, a great site for work.

PayPal is now Available!!!
Published on 10-04-2017

Hello, dear Coffee Lovers!

After making the transactions and waiting for a long time now and finally we have got to the moment. We are going to have available this great proccessor for all of you, guys. From now, you could make your deposits and withdrawals with your PayPal account.

We now a lot of you have been asking for this proccessor and we have finally got it, after waiting a little more that one month, there it is, PayPal!!!

Thank you for trusting in us and wanting to get this site better and better every day. If we keep growing like this we are going to be a GREAT community.

Have a nice day and a delicious cup of coffee.

IMPORTANT: the maximun deposit is the $50, So, if you want deposit more you need make deposits for maximun $50 until reaching the desired amount.

For example if I want to deposit $200 I have to make 4 deposits of $50